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If a smoke alarm startled you out of your sleep in the middle of the night, would you stumble to the alarm, smash it with a hammer and go back to bed?  You might be temporarily satisfied – that awful, piercing noise would be gone – but wouldn’t it be tragic if there were a fire brewing in one of your rooms?  When we merely suppress (or hammer) our symptoms with “quick fixes”, without investigating the cause of the symptoms, we’re playing with fire.  We’re ignoring what’s brewing within us.

My name is Dr. Sharon Oliver – I’m an experienced medical doctor as well as a wholistic physician, and I gladly deliver the support, training and information necessary for my clients to heal fully.  It seems to me that the term “mind-body-spirit” (and even “wholistic”) has been used so much in the last couple of decades that it’s become clichéd.  It’s unfortunate because we are truly, all of those things.  Mind.  Body.  Spirit.   Regaining balance in one of those areas is helpful.  Regaining balance in two of those areas is powerful.  Regaining balance in all of those areas is full health.

Healing is a dynamic process – it values the mind-body-spirit connection – and combines the use of education, prayer, herbs, nutrition, meditation, bodywork and medication. In my practice, I incorporate a variety of healing methods, and I individualize them.  Nothing is “standard”.  I’m interested in creating a plan, with you that works for you.   I’m interested in genuine healing.

"Quick fixes" can be really inviting, and sometimes they're necessary, but in general, they only serve to suppress symptoms. Let's get ready to heal, for life, for real. 

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10:00 am until 5:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

10:00 am until 3:00 pm Friday

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