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Dr. Sharon A. Oliver

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Our name -- The Integrative Medicine Institute – indicates the fundamental philosophy under which we operate.  We believe that every health challenge is a divine opportunity to know and love yourself more deeply. And we know that to achieve true health, one must integrate a variety of techniques that heal the mind, body and spirit.  This Institute, thus, provides instruction for and support to those who are seeking that which is their birth right, total and complete health.

The simple laws of Nature are the laws we share and employ to assist you in solving your dis-eased state. To base a health system upon laws which are not in alignment with the natural order of the Universe is uncivilized and self-destructive. We are dedicated to preserving life in its most divine state, which is the purpose of the Universe. Only living in alignment with Natural Laws perpetuates health.
About Insurance
The Integrative Medicine Institute is a fee for service practice, but we will accept some insurance for certain procedures.  Please call ahead to answer any billing questions you may have.  Generally "health care insurance" programs and policies are designed to pay for catastrophic illness and injury.  They are not intended to help you become healthier, except when you already have a disease.  For example, insurance generally supports treatments with chemical drugs, even though many natural treatments are more effective.  Furthermore, nationally, the average time a doctor spends with a patient is only 4.8 minutes.  The benefits of holistic healthcare can never be achieved with drug treatments prescribed after such a short visit with the doctor.  It is impossible to understand you and your health in that small amount of time.  Here at the Integrative Medicine Institute the patient and doctor spend a significant amount of time together.  Many insurances will reimburse you, and our fees are very reasonable especially when you consider the extensive professional and educational background of Dr. Oliver.
We see patients with an appointment only.  A "new patient" visit is generally the longest because we have to cover a large amount of information, for example your current health, your past health, family history, a review of current medication and supplements, a physical exam and treatment.  At the Integrative Medicine Institute we charge for the time it takes to provide the service, as other professionals do.  Although our office does not directly bill insurance, you will receive a detailed receipt with the appropriate information so that you can submit it to your insurance company.  Our office accepts cash, check and some major credit cards.
It is our goal to be very respectful of our patient's time, and we go to considerable lengths to ensure that our patients are seen within 10 minutes of their scheduled appointment time.  In turn, we require a 24-hour advance notification for a cancellation.
Thank you for considering the Integrative Medicine Institute.  We are looking forward to working with you to acheive your health goals!

Call or email us with your questions or if you want to make an appointment.

Integrative Medicine Institute 18714 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48203 (313) 368-2284