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This page helps us to explain some of the services we provide. There is a description of the service and explanation of the procedures we utilize.


Live Cell Analysis

Live Cell Analysis is a blood analysis that simply requires a few drops of blood. With the use of a high-powered microscope, a camera and television monitor, the patient receives a view into his or her own Inner Universe. The overall condition of the body can be seen in this analysis, and the effects of chemicals, nutrition, exercise and meditation can be evaluated.

Nutritional Therapy

Food is a source of energy, which if used appropriately and eaten properly, perpetuates health. Food nourishes the spirit with its beautiful colors. The aroma of food nourishes the mind and the solid and liquid components of the food nourish the body. Thus, we can see that the nutrients in food must be consciously extracted so that all of the components of the person may be properly nourished.  At the Integrative Medicine Institute, we develop personalized programs so that each individual knows which food choices and preparation methods will be most beneficial for their health.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation (pronounced KEY-LAY-SHUN) is a medical treatment by which a synthetic amino acid, prescribed and supervised by Dr. Oliver, is administered to a patient intravenously. Unnaturally concentrated nutritional metals and toxic metals are most easily removed by Chelation Therapy. Removal of these damaging substances allows the body to mobilize its internal defense mechanisms and accelerate the healing process.

Auricular Acupuncture

The use of acupuncture for detoxification has been shown, through experience and research, to be very helpful in relieving the acute symptoms of healing crisis. Individuals generally feel immediate relief and a lessening of tension and anxiety after the first treatments. Repeated treatments continue to soothe the individual and reduce cravings, depression and sleep disturbances. These reductions in cravings and other symptoms are a strong support to continuing recovery.

Ultraviolet Biophotonic Therapy

Ultraviolet BioPhotonic Therapy (UBI) is a method used to purify your blood to target and kill small bacteria and viruses. The healthy cells remain intact while the diseased cells are killed and become antigenic. A self-generated vaccine is thus produced. Because this is the individual’s own blood there is little risk of harmful effects and may even boost the effectiveness of certain medications. UBI has been used to treat a variety of health challenges without the development of resistance to either conventional or alternative treatments.

Body Work

There is an assortment of body therapies available at the office or by referral including: EAR CONING, RAINDROP THERAPY, THERAPEUTIC AND STRESS REDUCTION MASSAGE, and REFLEXOLOGY.

We may discuss some common medical problems in this section.


If you are experiencing headaches all the time it may be more than just a simple problem. We will do a full examination to determine the cause of the problem.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment please e-mail us at:

Integrative Medicine Institute 18714 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48203 (313) 368-2284